All foods at local market Prices

Mercia Foods is a Modern Supermarket for packaged, raw, fresh food items, and cooking ingredients. It is a convenient substitute for your local food markets; where all local, continental, and intercontinental food items are available. It is a “one-stop-shop”, for everything called food.

Mercia Foods provides you with an easily accessible, convenient, reliable, hygienic, sources of foods. You no longer have to go to the local markets to get food items. Mercia Foods brings all those food to you in a dedicated and very convenient supermarket environment; in neat hygienic packages, in a safe and clean environment, and with ample car parking spaces.

So if you are in Bodija area of Ibadan, Take a chill, just walk straight to our convenience store and pick the foods you so desire, cleanly packed for your convenience.

In the heart of Bodija Ibadan

Old or new Bodija, just find your way to Favos Junction, Straight down into new Bodij, at the "T" end of the road turn left and go straight till you see Mercia foods on your right.

If you are coming from the famous Aare Junction in Bodija, follow through into new Bodija till the third turning on your right. We are right there, Mercia food on your left right after J Rapha Hospital.

You 've got a navigation app on your mobile? then click here to find your way to our store.

About US!

Mercia Foods is a foods and food items trading and servicing company. A modern supermarket for packaged, raw and fresh food items, and cooking ingredients. It is a modern substitute for local food markets, where all local, continental and intercontinental food items are sold. A one-stop-shop for anything food.